Why We Need Universal Health Care Essay? The Best Ideas on Writing the Universal Health Care Essay

Ministries of health should be held accountable for the health impact of health care and other sectors. Protecting yourself from the financial consequences of out-of-pocket health care reduces the risk that people will fall below the poverty line since, in the event of a sudden illness, they will have to spend all their savings, sell a property and go into debt, destroying their future, and often their future, their children. Take a look at the next arguments that can be used in why we need universal health care essay:

  • The level of health reflects the progress of society.
  • The social development assessment should include a health assessment.
  • Healthier people are more productive.
  • Better health reduces the need for health care now and in the future.
  • Health and well-being reinforce each other.
  • Health systems are a catalyst for both health and well-being.

The Influence of COVID-19 on Universal Health Care System

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a test of strength for healthcare systems around the world. While the harsh lessons learned from it are not new, and fear and inequality reflect the daily reality of millions of people who suffered before the pandemic, the sheer scale of this crisis has highlighted the urgent need for universal health coverage. More leaders than ever are taking notice, and more people than ever are demanding change. As can be seen in rich countries, the economic and social determinants of health can also determine the likelihood of death in the event of COVID-19 with a high degree of accuracy. The risk is greatest for the poor in poor countries where diseases are widespread. Hundreds of millions of such people are malnourished and HIV-positive. A quarter of the world’s urban population lives in slums, and most refugees and internally displaced people simply do not have the opportunity to socially distance themselves from each other or wash their hands regularly.

How to Write the Essay on Universal Health Care System

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