About the health care crisis in America

The United States spends 16.4% of its GDP on health care. It is the largest indicator in the world. But high funding does not guarantee equal access to health care for all citizens. Most Americans are covered by certain insurance programs and receive so-called managed care. They are referred to doctors, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, X-ray rooms, and other institutions through intermediaries. Sometimes people are prescribed too much, and sometimes they don’t prescribe what they need. In addition, some insurance programs do not cover the treatment of chronic diseases. So, essay writing on topics like the health care crisis in America essay often seems like a daunting task for students. Whether an essay is given as a homework assignment at school or perhaps written for a competition, many students often find the task of writing an essay unsolvable. Although writing an essay is quite a challenge, there are many different ways a student can do to make life easier for themselves.

Basic tips to avoid mistakes when writing an essay?

In any school encyclopedia, it is described that the term essay means a prosaic genre of small volume and free in composition. Simply put, it is a work of thought. The task of the essay is information or explanation. When writing an essay, do not abuse business, scientific, or office styles. Write simply but brightly, but don’t use a lot of obscene languages, slang, etc.

The defining features of the essay are:

  • small volume,
  • arbitrary composition,
  • unusual manner of thinking.

The style of the essay is characterized by imagery, aphorisms, the use of fresh metaphors, new poetic images, a conscious instruction in colloquial intonation and vocabulary. The author’s personality comes to the fore. Emotionality, expressiveness, and vivid imagery are achieved through metaphors, comparisons, allegorical and parable images, symbols, and correctness in the expression of debates. By understanding how to write an essay correctly, you will be able to briefly and consistently formulate a thesis, give an argument and draw the right conclusions.

Use essay writing service to get the highest score

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Essay on Ergonomics in the Workplace

An essay on ergonomics in the workplace can help those workers that are affected by them to feel better about their position. This is a subject that is becoming more popular as time progresses because of the rising number of injuries that occur on a daily basis.

There are many ways that people can learn about the effects that poor posture has on the body and how this can be prevented. If you suffer from back problems or other health related issues that affect your quality of life, you should look into learning more about the topic of ergonomics.

What places should be checked?

You can learn about the proper storage of paper and other reading materials as well as how to handle papers in a professional manner. Your instructor may even have a few suggestions for you on the best way to handle your work station and keep your papers from becoming damaged.

Many people that are concerned about their performance at work are not aware that certain desk accessories can actually help to improve their abilities. A paper cutter that is too large can easily cause stress to the spine. You should look for one that is smaller and does not put excess strain on your back. Another accessory that you should consider is a good ergonomic mouse pad. These can make the task of using the mouse easier and can prevent fatigue from setting in which can easily lead to a loss of productivity. Using these two office supplies can drastically improve your level of ergonomic knowledge and make you feel more comfortable when you are using your computer.

Tips for writing an essay on ergonomics

If you are going to be spending a lot of time at your computer, you should consider purchasing a chair that has ample support for your back. Most people tend to slouch while they are working at their computers and this habit can lead to poor posture and back pain. Always make sure that you sit up straight or bend your knees while you are working at your desktop. This will help to support your spine and give your legs and back, ample support.

The type of desk that you use in the workplace can also have a big impact on how well you are able to complete your essay on ergonomics in the workplace. If you are looking for something that promotes better posture, try to find a desk with a lot of space under the desk.

Consider getting paper trays that can easily be accessed so that you don’t have to keep re-found paper all of the time. If you keep your paper trays organized, you will find that it is much easier to keep track of what you have written and where it is.

A well-designed desk and some good furniture will go a long way in making sure that you have an essay on ergonomics in the workplace that is well written and easy to read. You can get a very ergonomic desk that has a lot of space underneath the desk as well as plenty of drawer space.

This will allow you to store paper, writing utensils, pens, and any other office equipment that you need. You should also consider the amount of lighting that is available in your workspace when you are looking for an ergonomic desk to use.

How To Rock College Essays That Will Save You Tons Of Time

In addition to research papers, term papers, exams, and everything else, students are faced with an equally difficult task for them – writing an essay.

An essay is, in fact, the easiest student work because the simplest requirements are put forward to it. Namely, essays are the first tasks given to students for independent performance. 

However, despite the simplicity of the work, there are topics and requirements which are too complicated for some students. Moreover, many of them don’t know how to make an outline for a college essay, how to structure it, and so on. Below we’ll try to explain all the features of this academic paper.

How to write a college essay outline

Despite the fact that the essay is a creative work, it has a clear structure common to all texts. Checking how the student coped with the task, the teacher will certainly pay attention to the college essay outline: the presence of evidence, hypothesis, theses, and other things located in a certain order.

The outline for college essay involves the introduction of the beginning of a certain thesis, and the proof by arguments in the form of logical calculations, quotes or statements of facts after it.

The outlines for college essays consist of the following elements:

  • Topic. It should accurately reflect the essence of what is written. 
  • Introduction. Here, it is necessary to justify the importance of considering the issues selected by the student, to put forward the main hypothesis. A hypothesis is a certain assumption that will be confirmed or disproved. If you state the opinion of a scientist or a group of people with whom you disagree, then this hypothesis is refuted. But an idea formed independently, as a rule, should be confirmed. However, you can show that your old opinion was wrong. If the essay is small, then it is not necessary to write the word “introduction”
  • Main part. It is easy to outline a college essay on your own if it is small. A new paragraph, and thesis and arguments are already being written. It is better to break up large texts into parts with subtitles highlighted in bold. The structure of the main part resembles a chain of rings. First, a thesis is put forward, then several arguments are added to it. If you have proven the thesis, it means you can move on to the next one.

The author independently decides how many theses he needs to prove. The number of arguments should not be less than 2-3. A large number overloads the study, and a smaller one does not seem serious for scientific work.

Arguments are justified by:

  • Personal experiences, stories from the lives of other people, both close ones and from the biography of scientists;
  • The phenomena that everyone can observe;
  • The facts conveyed without distortion, manipulation;
  • Quotes by prominent scientists, politicians, writers, and artists;
  • Historical events, which complements the analysis of their essence, causes, consequences;
  • Excerpts from law, current or outdated.

All evidence leads the reader smoothly to prove or refute the hypothesis. The experts from custom essay writing service underline that it is important to build college essay outlines in the correct logical order.

  • Conclusion. The college essay outline format rules indicate the need for a brief summing up, where the last paragraph is devoted to the words that wrap everything up. Making a conclusion on a separate page is permissible if it is a large text. Otherwise, just start it with a new paragraph.
  • List of sources. Sometimes, an essay contains citations from books and data from official resources. They need to be issued as a complete list of used literature. All borrowed dates or quotes must be referenced. To do this, use the appropriate menu item in a text editor. Sources are submitted as they appear or in alphabetical order. When using the alphabetical order, laws go first, then the works of authors arranged by the first letters of surnames or headings, then comes the work of foreign scientists, then – Internet resources.
  • Applications. The structure of the essay does not imply the design of applications. However, a strict ban on their existence does not exist. Materials are brought here to help better understand the essence of the evidence presented.

College essay outline sample

Here is a short college essay outline example that you can use as a structure or template for your future works. 

Essay structure

1. Introduction

  • The wording on the social problem contained in the quote.
  • The relevance of this problem to a person, their family, state, society in general
  • Position of the author of the statement
  • Position of the student.

2. The main part

In the main part, the problem stated in the introduction should be disclosed on three levels.

  1. Theoretical material – the foundations of the basic science which the saying belongs to 
  2. Examples from the history and (or) modern social reality;
  3. Your own experience of participation in any social activity

3. Conclusion

Here, it is necessary to indicate the most basic points of work: an independently formulated interpretation of the terms, personal classification, analysis results, a description of the problems identified, an indication of unique solutions, an assessment of their effectiveness.