About the health care crisis in America

The United States spends 16.4% of its GDP on health care. It is the largest indicator in the world. But high funding does not guarantee equal access to health care for all citizens. Most Americans are covered by certain insurance programs and receive so-called managed care. They are referred to doctors, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, X-ray rooms, and other institutions through intermediaries. Sometimes people are prescribed too much, and sometimes they don’t prescribe what they need. In addition, some insurance programs do not cover the treatment of chronic diseases. So, essay writing on topics like the health care crisis in America essay often seems like a daunting task for students. Whether an essay is given as a homework assignment at school or perhaps written for a competition, many students often find the task of writing an essay unsolvable. Although writing an essay is quite a challenge, there are many different ways a student can do to make life easier for themselves.

Basic tips to avoid mistakes when writing an essay?

In any school encyclopedia, it is described that the term essay means a prosaic genre of small volume and free in composition. Simply put, it is a work of thought. The task of the essay is information or explanation. When writing an essay, do not abuse business, scientific, or office styles. Write simply but brightly, but don’t use a lot of obscene languages, slang, etc.

The defining features of the essay are:

  • small volume,
  • arbitrary composition,
  • unusual manner of thinking.

The style of the essay is characterized by imagery, aphorisms, the use of fresh metaphors, new poetic images, a conscious instruction in colloquial intonation and vocabulary. The author’s personality comes to the fore. Emotionality, expressiveness, and vivid imagery are achieved through metaphors, comparisons, allegorical and parable images, symbols, and correctness in the expression of debates. By understanding how to write an essay correctly, you will be able to briefly and consistently formulate a thesis, give an argument and draw the right conclusions.

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