Membership categories and fees are as follows:

  • Fellows;                                € 55.00
  • Members;                             € 50.00
  • Associates/Affiliates;         € 25.00
  • Students;                             € 10.00
  • Retired;                                € 10.00

The Society’s Membership Committee sits and decides on applications four times per year.

The Society charge € 20.00 as an application fee (there is no application fee for students)

Members will be issued with an Invoice each year and a change of details form. Annual fees must be submitted within two months of receipt of the Invoice.  Late applicants after this period will be required to pay an additional 50% late registration fee.  Where the annual fee has not been received within six months from the date of Invoice, the Membership will be deemed to have expired and re-registration will be required.




Normally anyone who has:

(a) Made a significant contribution to the teaching of, and/or, research in Ergonomics for 10 years, after being eligible to be a Member;

(b) Been a Member for at least 6 years prior to application;

(c) Made a substantial contribution to the activities of the Society.


Anyone who has one or more of the following:

(a) A qualification in ergonomics or a cognate subject;

(b) Evidence of application of ergonomics over a period of at least 2 years;


Anyone who is active in the ergonomics field but who does not qualify for Member status.


Anyone enrolled in a course in ergonomics or a cognate subject. For more information view Student pamphlet.